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Geography EE topic - forests? ( or maybe better soils? river?)

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Hello everybody,

I am really passionate about geography and I chose to write my EE on it. At the moment I am trying to come up with a good topic... which turns out to be pretty difficult.

I live in central Poland and cannot really think of something impressive happening in the vicinity. I don't like theme Urban environments and all thath stuff connected with tourism, there are no big social or cultural disparities/differences...

Though, I really enjoy themes such as interdependent ecosystems & environmental sustainability. I have written an essay for a Geographic Olympiad on flooding risk in my hometown (which had much to do with connection between river, forest ecosystems and soils) and it is somehow inspiring me to do more about forests. I have seen somewhere on the Internet example of a topic: What is the ecological value of Menagesha state forest and to what extent is it managed sustainably? I am thinking about doing something similar. Do you think it is a good area for EE? Does it have enough geographical and spatial emphasis?

I would really appreciate your comments! :heart:

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It's awesome to hear so much passion about a topic.

Well it is on the list of suggested topics so it seems like it is viable, as long as you have an idea of how you're gonna approach it, go for it!

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