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Difference between Normal course and Self Taught course?

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Yes, one is self taught, quite explanatory, but what's the difference? In the workload in tests? do you have separate tests or something like HL, SL, Self Taught

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The workload is 100% up to you, as the only thing you *need* to do in self-taught is read the books and prepare for the exams. You should ask your supervisor to give you the Language A: literature school-supported self-taught alternative oral procedures guide since it tells you everything you need to know. According to the guide, these are the exams linked to each part of the syllabus:

Part 1 (Lit in Translation) - Written assignment: a literary essay of 1,200-1,500 words based on one work studied, and a reflective statement of 300-400 words

Part 2 (Detailed study) - Section 1 of the alternative oral assessment: a formal oral commentary that is based on one of the two works studied

Part 3 (Literary genres) - Written examination paper 2: an essay based on at least two works studied in response to one question

Part 4 (Options) - Section 2 of the alternative oral assessment: an oral presentation that is based on two of the three works studied

So as you can see the written examinations are the same, it's just the oral assessments that change. To elaborate on what it says for part 4, you have to prepare (at home) a 10 minute presentation comparing two works. You can bring notes, but those will be sent off to the IB, so you can't just write your entire presentation down. And for part 2, there's a set of 5 questions for each literary genre (again, ask your supervisor). You have to choose five 40 line extracts from each of your works that match each of the five questions, and in the exams you'll get one of the 10 extracts you chose and have to give a 10 minute oral commentary. You can also bring notes to this part of the exam (these will also be sent off).

Hope this helped!

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