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Question about IB in NYC

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Hi, everyone :)

So, now I'm in pre-IB class in Poland (Warsaw), and in future I want to go to NYC for studies, but with all lucky that I have, there is a option to go earlier.

My first question is : can i transfer to other IB school in half of first IB class? Because I have my 18 birthday in january, and I would like to go there, for a half of first IB, and for whole second year.

And my second question, maybe someone knows if theres some free (or cheap) IB school in NYC, I found this one : http://schools.nyc.gov/SchoolPortals/02/M460/default.htm it's public school so it should be free, am I right? Ok that's all :)

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You should be able to transfer, but it will be difficult for you. If the school does not teach the course that you're learning in your school, then you won't get the same kind of credit. If the school in NY teaches different classes, you'll have to self-study and be able to learn courses either with yourself or with many tutors. And yes the public schools are free.

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