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IB in German universities

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Hello IBs, I'm in IB 2 and I'm taking physics HL (engineering) so, I want to ask if anyone can help me in details about studying abroad in Germany (engineering) and if IB will cancel the foundation year or not + if it will save credits and finally how it will cost?

I'm Egyptian studying in Qatar and I have no idea about German language.


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Good evening,

first of all I am in IB2 and I also want to study in Germany.

But in order to study in Germany you have to know how to speak/write in German

I am a German but I am studying in Lebanon and in order for me to study in Germany I have to two types of tests:

Sprachdiplom 1 & 2....It is a german test to determine your abilities.

If you don't have these 2 Diplomas (usually done in IB1 and IB2 if they offer German at your school) you can't study in Germany until you do something called "Studiumkolleg".

It is basically like studying in Germany for a whole year the language and you if you do it, then you are going to be able to study abroad.

If you don't want to do this, I would advise you to start studying German at an institute. The best one is "Goethe Institut". I am not sure if there is one in Qatar, but it is found in most of the countries. You can study there German and they do the Sprachdiplom 1 & 2 tests there, too.

For the prices of the universities in Germany, I can tell you this:

Almost all universities (if not all) are for free even the best ones that can be found in whole Europe, but you need really high grades in IB. For example I need at least a 41/45 so that they start thinking about me if I am going for medicine.

I don't know about engineering but I would advise you to search a little bit in google. A good university for engineering that I know is in Berlin called "TU-Technische Universität".

It is a really good one and has many branches in Germany.

I hope I could help you with this information.



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I know of a university in Germany called Rhein-waal university of applied sciences http://www.hochschule-rhein-waal.de/en/

It has some engineering programs completely in English. It doesn't say anything about the kind of diplomas they accept but I guess they accept IB diploma. You will need to do IELTS (International English Language Testing System) exams though and the required score is mentioned on the website. As with most universities in Germany, there is only a semester contribution fee of about 250 euro. However, you will have to pay for your living and other miscellaneous expenses.

I don't think if they have anything like transfer credits or foundation years. The degree is three & half years anyways (much shorter than in other places) and includes a semester of work. So it is quite more practical oriented.

Best of luck hunting for universities!!

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I'm german and live in Germany so i can tell you more ! You don't need to speak German if you wanna study in germany. We have many courses that have english as the main language. Also we have some international Unis where you only speak english. Jacobs University is one of them. But i have to say that a little german would be helpful for studying in Germany.

But overall German Universities really like students from abroad. And studying in Germany is usually really cheap compared to the US.

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I'm from Australia and I'm looking at studying in Germany for university, but I'm looking for something that specialises more in the arts/humanities, could anyone point me in the right direction?

I'm specifically looking at studying media or journalism :)

Either that or environmental sciences. Depends which one I get into I guess...

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Hey rockpaper :-)

I'm doing the same. If you have the GIB (Gemichtsprachiges IB) you can enter directly in a German University.

If you do not, you have to do the Studienkolleg in a German uni... you'd have to do the "G-Kurs". Judging by your classes, i believe if you took either History or Biology in German you should qualify for the GIB. If not, just go to: http://www.studienkollegs.de/de/ where you can find information about these Kollegs.

I'm doing the G-Kurs next year even though i have my GIB, only because I want to improve my german skills before entering the actual university courses...

Good luck! :-)

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