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guys i need help

I have changed my math hl topic 6 times and am still unable to work because math is not understandable

I am supposed to be smart

I am top of my stupid class

BUT I still don't know how to do my math exploration... how do you explore math? what do you do? can someone give me steps?

It's about differential equations.

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please refrain from all caps and unnecessary exaggerations, thanks

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Just start searching about differential equations and it's uses.
Smart or not doesn't matter, exploration takes time and energy, you'll have to sit back and learn new concepts well in advance and be comfortable enough to answer any questions based on that, on that note, start by formulating a proper aim, aims always help.
Do that and the next step should become pretty clear in terms of what you should do, and refer to the guide or ask your teacher for help if you need it

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