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Moving halfway

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Hey everyone,

I am in year 11 at an IB school in Australia, I really really hate my school so I am thinking of moving next year for my final year. I was wondering if anyone had done this because I am really scared and feel like maybe I should just stay at the school I hate and get an average grade rather than to move.

My best friends go to the school I want to move to and they tell me that IB is badly organised at their school and I am worried that my Extended Essay topic and discipline might have to change or that I might not finish it by the deadline?
I am so scared it isn't funny.
By the way this is an urgent move so I'll be moving in a few weeks.

Your help would be awesome!

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Hi :)
So I had a couple friends who moved in the middle of IB. While the move isn't impossible, every school structures the IB slightly different - IAs might have already been due/not started at all, different topics in different courses might have already been covered, so you might have to self-study a lot, which isn't very easy to do. Your new school might not even offer the same courses as your current school does, so you might have to start at the beginning of IB, and perhaps repeat a year.

If your friend says that the IB system is really badly organized at the school you want to move into, maybe you shouldn't move. You've already conquered half the battle, so might as well finish it in the school you're used to and familiar with, rather than increasing the chance that you might get a worse grade.

Hopefully that helps you decide! Good luck :)

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