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standardized testing KI?

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So I was thinking of doing my TOK presentation on standardized testing.

My real life situation is the SAT test, and I was thinking of basing my presentation on that..

So I suppose my knowledge issue would be:

(What is the method of standardization and) how accurate of a representation of a student's ability are they?

I just think this is more of a debate topic, and I can't seem to bring the AOKs or the WOKs into it.

How can i reword my knowledge issue so that I can actually present it?

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Ok, well its a good topic, but the knowledge issue I think should be a little broader. For example, you could focus generally on the ways that we actually test knowledge and your KI could be something like: How do we test knowledge? Can we ever accurately test knowledge? And then use SATs as your real life example. In terms of AOKs and WOKs, this kind of question should be much easier to link. For example, you might want to compare how some exams test 'knowledge' through memorisation of facts and relate this to History or Science and then talk about how this can't be done with English creative writing or the Arts... In terms of WOKs, you might want to consider the ethical implications and the language of SATs (e.g. maybe culturally insensitive to someone who doesn't speak the language, but I'm not sure because I haven't done SATs)

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