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Hi there,

Just a quick question

I'm doing a Geography EE and I'm wondering how I am supposed to cite google street view photographs, do I place the whole citation underneath the photo and so I simply do not have to put in my works cited at the end?

Or do I place something like an in-text citation, for example, (Google Maps, 2013) underneath the photo and then place the whole citation in the works cited Google Maps. (2013, October 25). [Location address] [Photograph] Retrieved from http://maps.google.com

Thanks in advance!

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Hey there!

Most, if not all, of the Google Maps images are found at a service called Panoramio. It is indeed affiliated with Google Maps, but as all the photos are stored at Panoramio's domain, I reckon it's much more accurate to refer to Panoramio rather than Google Maps. Click the 'View in Panoramio' button to get all the information you need. Here you will also find the copyright regulations. In order to not plagiarise, you need to use those who allow for non-commercial use. You'll find more specific information under 'photo details' on the left side on Panoramio's page. You can even click the copyright symbols to get a more thorough explanation of what you can and cannot do with that very image.

As I understand it, APA requires a reference to the image in the 'Works Cited' section as well as in the caption of the image. The convention for the full reference is this:

Author (Role of Author). (Year image was created). Title of work [Type of work], Retrieved Month Day, Year, from: URL (address of website)

In-text citation would be just as normal in-text citations, that is (author, year).

Consider this photograph, for instance: http://www.panoramio.com/photo/92608382

The full reference would be:

thodgson (Photographer). (2013). Cross or Burn? [Photograph]. Retrieved October 27, 2013, from: http://www.panoramio.com/photo/92608382

... Whilst in-text citation would be (thodgson, 2013).

Good luck!

EDIT: I found the formatting format at http://www.landmark.edu/library/citation-guides/landmark-college-citation-guides/apa-citation-style-guide/#Images

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In that case, I suppose you'll have to cite it as Google maps street view, though are you absolutely sure there are no images you could use? Anyhow, if it turns out there are no other images you can use, remember to make sure you copy the whole link, not just 'maps.google.com' (as it will show in the URL address box on top of your internet browser). You should be able to find a link button besides the print button on the left side on the internet page. Use the URL you'll find in the window that pops up, as that'll make your reference accurate. Since you don't have any actual authors for the map, you should use this as the full reference instead:

Title of work [Type of work]. (Year image was created). Retrieved Month Day, Year, from: URL (address of website)

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