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IA Business and Managment SL

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Hello guys,

I'm a new guy on forum and I basically singed in so I can ask you a few questions about business and management IA. So I need to submit it in a few weeks and I just saw I am completely lost about this and I have no idea what to do. I know what companies I could do but finding the right material and writting a good research question is quite hard. If any of you could give me some tips and hints it would be really great. Some guidelines and helps are really required for me because I think I have no idea how to do it in a good way. What I understood is that it's base are 3 - 5 supporting documents and analysis of that, but how to find them how to find right ones and how to analyse them on a right way. Any help is good.

Thank you all!

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Hey Gazda,

I also did a BM SL IA, and this doc was really helpful, hope it helps.
Its from www.wednet.edu

All the best! :bye:

SL Written Commentary


Your IA is a written commentary. You will need to demonstrate the application of business and management tools, techniques and theories to a real business issue or problem.

You must select a real organisation for this, not a fictional one, and the issue or decision under investigation must also be real.

The Commentary

You must produce a commentary with a title presented as a question. Your commentary must refer directly to a single business organization, but you may consider industry-wide issues that impact on that organization.

Your commentary must be based on primary and/or secondary data, selected for its suitability, depth and breadth.

Your commentary must not exceed more than

1,500 words. A word count must be included as part of the commentary.

The commentary requires analysis and evaluation of the business issue/problem. Judgements can be made

throughout the commentary, but are essential within the conclusion.

You must attach three to five supporting documents from which the majority of the information for the commentary has been obtained. Any additional sources, such as textbooks, class notes and DVDs/videos,must be referenced, but will NOT be accepted as supporting documents.

All supporting documents and additional sources must be fully referenced and included in bibliography.


Your supporting documents have to be up-to date. They have to be written a maximum of two years before

the submission of your written commentary.

You must select your own supporting documents. Teachers are not allowed to provide these for you. It is

also recommended that you do not use the same supporting documents as other students in the school.

Any supporting documents in other languages must be translated.

Examples of secondary sources of information for your commentary:

 Market research surveys

 Articles from the local, national or international press

 Financial reports

 Business accounts

 Business plans

 Mission statements

 Web-based surveys

 Extracts from the company websites

 Government and other statistics

 Academic publications

Examples of primary sources might include:

 responses to questionnaires (if you do this, you should include a blank copy of the questionnaire and

a tally/summary of results)

 transcripts of interviews and discussions with focus groups

 results of surveys.

The selection of your documents is very important. To achieve the highest level of each assessment

criterion, it is strongly recommended that the supporting documents present a range of ideas and


e.g. “Can company X, an independent food retailer, survive?”

The commentary could then examine business concepts such as economies of scale, mergers and

acquisitions, distribution chains, the marketing mix and the external environment.

Your commentary may include tables and graphs. The supporting documents and supplementary

information such as diagrams, figures, tables or data and references are not included in the 1,500 words.

Don’t forget – you can present a SWOT as a document in the appendix and then you could reference it in the

text of the body. This is because it is NOT about where the SWOT is, but more about how it is used and


When choosing your title, consider the following:

We think "How should..." is better than "How can..." since the former requires you to justify (critically) your

answer, whereas the latter tends to lead to descriptive answers.

Information in tables is not included in word counts

providing it is concise (for example, like sets of

numbers, lists of counties, etc.).

Finally, you should spend 15 hours on this written commentary.

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Hey all, like Gazda im in same situation where I need to get started and turn in a planning and preferably first draft within 2 weeks. Luckely Im completelly free and have all the time to focus on the IA. I dont know If i should start and own topic or not but for now Ill post here.

I have 2 companies that Im interested in that have said that they dont mind me doing my project on their businesses and will be supportive with information and data I could need.

The company I want to focus on is a company that are opening a factory in South america that will recycle tires into 3 basic products. And their problem is that they dont know if they should sell the 3 raw materials or for example refine them. Now I put it very basic I dont know if this is enought but what Im wondering is. Would it be an okey question '' How should (company name) sell their products to maximize net profit'' ?

I graduated a year ago but without my BM exam becouse of my business shutting down while I was working on the IA( and ofcourse I started late so was no time to find new business)

Therefore making it even slower for me to get started as I have no idea how to start, but as soon as I do Ill just work day and night on this for the coming days and then finish it hopefully within a month.

TL:DR Last moment working on IA, looking for possible advice on title/tips on what to have in the project.

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