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Math Exploration IA Criteria D- Reflection Help?

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Hello people,

So I'm finished with my Math IA but the only thing left is the reflection. I'm not exactly sure about what to write. I looked it up online and it says that I should discuss the implications of my results, state the significance, limitations, extensions etc.I stated the limitations but I'm not exactly sure about what 'implications' refers to here. And what does extensions mean? I'm lost about how to analyse and evaluate my exploration. And my topic is Modelling Population of the world, if it helps answering my question. Please help. Thank You =)

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reflection should be happening throughout your IA. It should be very evident in your conclusion, but you need to be making continuous reference to it. The most important thing to do is address whether you met the aim of the IA that you stated in the introduction.

Significance and implications of your IA should be mentioned at the end- that is, what does your model of population imply for humanity in terms of resources, living space etc? Make it really evident why your topic is significant, and if possible, place it in an academic context (are there any other population models that yours contradicts with? Agrees with? Why? Go into as much detail as seems relevant.)

Reflection also means, though, that you address limitations- as you say already have- like mentioning factors that you didn't or couldn't take into account. Extensions come into play here- if someone else took up your topic, what research could they do? How could work be built upon yours?

These things don't have to follow a rigid structure, but everything should pop up somewhere. I hope that helps!

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