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Majoring in Philosophy

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Guest wanderluster

I'd like to major in philosophy. Unfortunately, my school doesnt offer IB Philosophy.If anyone could let me know how these courses look for such a goal, I'd be very appreciative :)

HL English

HL History

HL Physics or Chemistry (I haven't decided yet)

SL Math

SL French

SL Economics

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It's unfortunate that they don't have HL Philosophy, but at least you have TOK!
HL English and HL History will be very helpful to you. For English, the authors of the texts that you will investigate
might portray their philosophical ideas through their texts. For example, by studying Solzhenitsyn's One Day in the Life of Ivan

Denisovich, you might be able to investigate the philosophy behind Marxism. In some ways, History is a good course too,
because you might have some opportunities to relate existing Philosophical approaches (e.g. Communism/
Plato's idea that Common Good is the best) to the occurrences in History (e.g. Russian Revolution), therefore
expanding your knowledge on history.
For Math, French, and Economics,.. I'm not sure how you could relate Philosophy to them.
But I guess that's the reason exactly why your taking them as SL courses...
There is actually a philosophical approach (e.g. Pythagoras) behind Math, but you don't get to study it until
university. Social, business theories behind Economics have philosophical grounds, so it would be better for you
if you take Economics HL instead of Physics/Chemistry HL, especially if you are considering to be 100% Arts student.
You can later apply to be a Business student later on, by using the knowledge gotten in Economics.
But if you are a type of person who is on a middle ground and is also thinking of options in Science, then I recommend you to
take at least one HL Science course.

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