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Visual Arts -- No Idea What To Do

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So, I'm in my second year of IB Art HL. Last year I had a teacher who didn't know how to teach IB Art and never even ended up going to IB training, so neither of us really knew what I was supposed to be doing. I was also the only one who took the class, so I didn't have any support from people who'd taken it before. I only completed 7 pieces, and my workbook was less than impressive. This year, I have a teacher who has minimal experience with teaching IB Art, isn't so sure exactly what I should be doing, either, and has admitted that he doesn't really want to be teaching the class. While I can read a lot of rubrics and know what I'm going to be graded on, I don't really understand the expectations and I was wondering whether someone experienced could help? A few things I'm not sure of:

How many pieces am I expected to make throughout the year?

When I sumbit pages from my workbook, should I submit single pages that are nice even if they don't go together or should I submit whole entries?

What will an examiner be looking for when he/she comes?

One of the people who left IB Art last year when the former teacher left and the teacher I had came tried to convince me to take a different HL this year, but I was stubborn and decided that I wanted to stick with it. I really don't want to be proved wrong, here.

Thanks for reading!

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HL should be producing around 18-20 pieces I believe. Aim for 20.

The workbook doesn't necessarily have to show pages that are directly linked, just show the ones that show depth to your artwork, the media, different techniques, etc.

The art course no longer has an examiner come to the school, and instead you can either be interviewed by your teacher and record it or write an essay about your work, like an extension of your art statement.

To be honest, what you have to do is dedicate a lot of time and effort in making artwork that has depth.


That is really useful for the workbook.

Also, are you taking option A or B? That's important to know.

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So you get to choose how to be evaluated?

Option A. I'm really, really bad at working in my workbook consistently.

Yes, it's new for the course. If you are doing option A, you have to definitely make sure your pieces are really good, a variety of media and techniques is always good too. Have a look at that link I posted, it should help guide you.

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Standard level are 8 - 12 pieces

Higher level are 12 - 18 pieces

You should try and aim towards the maximum number of pieces, so about 18. However, similar to you, I had a slow year last year and created around 7 pieces, so I'm going to try and aim to end IB with about 14. Do not think of it as 'another year left' however - the final art exams are in March, so this gives you a few months left (you should try and be done with everything in February).

I would recommend just ignoring your teacher if they aren't sure, and following the criteria. Experiment with a variety of mediums (paint, pencil drawings, film if you feel like it, sculpture, and so on), and for every project take into consideration cultural influences, and different artists from different periods in history.

At the end of the course, you will have all of your work up in an exhibition and will be filmed for 30 minutes discussing your work. In this you will need to talk about artist influences for each piece, try and get in lots of cultural elements, and how you have developed through the course. As a higher level student you will also be allowed to submit 30 pages of your workbook, but not all of them. So work on getting some very good pages. You will need to submit at least one page from each project, and the pages should not be focused around one project. So pick maybe 2 pages for each project that worked really well, and make sure you have a mix of development pages, research pages, process pages and evaluation pages in your final bunch. Don't forget to site your sources of information!

Good luck, it's a very difficult course, but if you work hard it is very rewarding. I hope everything goes well!

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