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Psychology EE - Too Broad?

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Alright, second forum topic on my EE. Turns out the ones I asked about in the first topic were unsuitable, for some reason. After discussing it with my supervisor, I have narrowed down my EE topic to "Evolutionary Explanation of Aggression".

Now, the problem is, I have found it annoyingly tough to find out if this is broad enough. Whenever I find a good topic, there is either too much info, or too less info. And to top it off, I am part of only the second Psychology batch that my school has had, and my supervisor's last one did not do too well. I need advice whether this is concise enough... My only way to change this would be to specifiy the type of aggression, such as violence (if need be, even more specific, like individual violence or group violence).

I need to choose QUICK, as my school messed up the planning completely and I am buried under internals work to do by 15th, when we have an IB inspection. Someone, please respond quick...


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Hey! I'm also doing my EE in psychology in relation to evolution- awesomeness.
Anyways I think your topic "Evolutionary Explanation of Aggression." is too broad, also EEs are supposed to be analytical and I think (someone please correct me if I'm wrong) this topic would be too descriptive. I don't know if its enough to just analyze the different explanations of aggression... If you do decide to do that I think you should include "counter-theories" (theories that suggest that aggression originated from something different) to make it less descriptive.
On the subject of it being too wide, I think defining what kind of aggression would be good at least it would certainly narrow things down.

Hope this helped :)

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