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EE geography - urbanization - is secondary data that important?

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Hi guys! I'm doing my EE in Geography, and I'm almost done with the work, but still there are some issues that worry me. My topic is "To what extent can the construction of a shopping mall affect the development of a district?" - do you think it is narrow enough? My geography teacher says the topic is great, but she's somehow retarded and never gives any kind of negative feedback, so her advice is most of the time useless. Do you guys think such a topic has a chance of getting an A?

Also, I am worried about the type of data. My EE is mostly based on primary data - statistics, mappings, etc. I do not use almost any secondary data, and, to be honest, have no idea what kin of secondary references would be relevant. Thus I'm afraid that my EE would resemble a fieldwork too much :(( Is there any way to improve that?

Any help would be reaaaaally appreciated :)

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Provided you have the specific name of the shopping mall and the district you should be fine, although you may want to add a more specific topical focus into your title. An example of this would be to mention "...a shopping mall affect the economic, social, political development" (so long as you have focused specifically on one of these) or perhaps "...a shopping mall affect the development of standards of living, equality, infrastructure, etc." (again, only if you have focused on one of these areas). Otherwise it seems to be sufficiently specific.

As for the secondary data, if you are aiming for a high grade in the evaluation section then you will need to provide secondary data. If you can find ANY other discussions of the creation of luxury resorts, shopping malls and then use the conclusions from these pieces of writing to either strengthen or argue against your central argument, then do so. If you do use the information as a counterpoint, ensure that you have an argument to counter-argue the counter argument :D. The source doesn't have to be focused on the same mall as your EE, but try to find similar situations so you can strengthen your argument 'theoretically'.

Good Luck!

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