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Need help with table

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this is my first lab, so I need some help.

I need to create a table for our lab.

However, I don't know what exactly to include. Should i include the constants. (For example, the method sheet says A was placed in B for 1 minute. Do that 4 more times.) Should i put the 1 minute on my chart, since it has an uncertainty .

Or should i only just put the stuff im measuring on my chart.


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Only put in the table what you're measuring. If the time is relevant (like you're doing concentration over time), then do so, but if it's not (like you're doing something and the time is just so the person doing the experiment knows how long between measurements to take the data) then don't include it.The table should include a descriptive title, headings for each thing being recorded, the independent variable (say time, mass, concentration, etc) and what you measured (rate, time, concentration, etc). Include all uncertainties when they exist. Something like this is probably sufficient: (I just made up all of this, so don't use the data :P)

Table 1: Concentration of A versus pH

Concentration pH

0.01 M 5.67 +/- 0.01

0.10 M 5.69 +/- 0.01

0.50 M 5.78 +/- 0.01

1.00 M 6.23 +/- 0.01

2.00 M 8.88 +/- 0.01

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