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Geography EE - Vision and Burkina Faso

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The question that I'm planning to write about at the moment is 'To what extent would correct vision help to support the economy of Burkina Faso?'

Firstly, is this question alright for a Geography EE?

Secondly, what geographical things could I include in the essay?

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Hey there!

First of all, your research question (RQ) should be clearly linked to the discipline, and if it is not clear what you can include in terms of geography in a geography EE, then you should reconsider whether or not your RQ is appropriate. Keep in mind that your RQ cannot and should not be multidisciplinary, and currently I can see some very economic-based discussions in your proposed RQ. If you haven't read the EE guide yet, read it. Your grade depends on it. Your EE supervisor and/or your IB coordinator should have it readily accessible. Also, I suggest you read the Extended Essay for Dummies thread, it includes a lot of useful information and is definitely not just for stupid people!

Secondly, your RQ as it is right now is really vague. What is visions, and what do you mean by 'correct'? How would you define it? Are we talking about visions about how a futuristic chair would look like, or perhaps how the next world war will progress? Be more specific, and if it is possible, try to discuss some actual plans and strategies that are already discussed and plans.
The same thing is valid for 'support the economy.' What exactly do you mean by this? Support in what way? Are we speaking public sector, private sector or both? How do you measure this? How much must the economy be strengthened in order for you to conclude that the economy has been supported? If the GDP increases by 1 pound, can you argue that the 'correct visions' have supported the economy, or is it necessary for the economy to have a more substantial growth? Does it have to end up with the same GDP per capita as Norway? Over what time frame would this take place? Are we thinking a couple of months, or five decades? Perhaps two centuries?

Now, some of these questions might appear as stupid, but you should really think this through. If you need some one-to-one advice, talk to your EE supervisor or IB Coordinator personally and voice your concerns. Don't choose a topic at random just because you're too lazy to do some preliminary research. Look at the syllabi, find some interesting points in those syllabi, decide upon what subject you want to write your EE in based on what you found the most interesting, develop the idea, end up with a topic and do some thorough research.

Good luck!

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