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Geopgraphy Fieldowork Report - Help Needed

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Hello everyone,

I have some problems with my geography IA. The research question of my fieldwork report is: Does the quality of public transport matter on the amount of traffic jams in the downtown of Szczecin? I colected the data by preparing a questionnaire, in which, first of all, I asked people about their sex, age group, place of living, number of people at home. Then I went into frequency of usage of public transportation, their most frequently used mean of transport (private car, bus, tram), assessment of public transport, its pros and cons, proposals of changes (all questions are closed questions with prepared answers). Then I asked about 3 most often travelled lines, Starting and Ending point of the journey, and level of crowding during that journey (descriptive scale from 0 to 9). Last questions were type of ticket possessed and usage of car. My question is: How can I apply various statistical tools for the Written Analysis, Quality and treatment of the collected data? Which statistical tools would be correct? How can I recognize the trends?

Firstly I thought about calculation of the mean, for both sexes and for each age group, how the assessment is changing with frequency of usage, how does the level of crowding matter on evaluation or which pros and cons particularly mattered on the mark given. Also I am planning to show which lines are most frequently chosen, and on which lines the level of crowding is the highest. But isn't it too less? Relying only on the mean is too weak for me, however I cannot find anything better. I thought about calculation of standard deviation for the set of marks obtained, but nether do I know how to interpret the outcome, nor how to use in the report. Moreover, the normal distribution function looks quite strange. I thought about probability, e.g. conditional probability or Bayes' Theorem, do you like such an idea?

And of course, I am going to evluate the amount of cars in the city by counting them at a particular place in the rush hours.

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Moreover, the normal distribution function looks quite strange.

If it's data, my teachers always say use it even if it looks weird, as long as no mistakes are made.

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