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EE English A Category 1 Help!

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I write because I would need help ASAP with my Extended Essay. I have my topic and ideas what I want to write about, but I'm panicing and I just cannot get started, because I don't know how to start writing my EE.

My topic/research question:
The portrayal of black women in society in The Color Purple by Alice Walker in comparison with Push by Sapphire.

How do the main characters (Celie, Precious) emancipate in Alice Walker’s The Color Purple and in Push by Sapphire?

The main focus of the essay would be on:

· strategies to fight, factors that contribute to the rise of heroines

· women-children role/function, growing up

· parent-lover roles mixing

· idea of beauty

I would appriciate if someone could help me getting started on it!
Thank you!

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Your EE question and approach is too simple. It invites summary.

Switch your focus from the basic "what happens" to a more literary "treatment of the subject." And shun any temptation to use the works merely as illustrations of emancipation.

Rather, approach the novels as artistic representations of experience; your focus will therefore be less on the "what" than on the "how".

You appear to have offered two EE questions. Portrayal of black women is more promising for the Eason just given.

Have you identified a contrast between these novels in terms of emancipation? What is noteworthy or interesting about this contrast -- in terms of how emancipation is represented in both works? Work your way towards your EE question from this question. We can't do it for you, you see; but we can point you in the right direction.

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