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Need Help EE ITGS

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So i want to start my Extended Essay soon (much earlier than i have to) and i was thinking of writing one on ITGS. I am a tech-savy guy and i was thinking to use "How secure are the different Wi-Fi encryptions" as my question. Is that ok? Should i do it? The problem behind this is that WEP networks are easy to "Hack" nowadays and people like me can use wordlists and rainbow tables to hack into WPA encrypted WiFi's in a couple of days. I want to know if i could use this as a topic, sorry for the noobish question :/ :surrender:

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For all means, start your essay early, but make sure you read about what you have to do first. There is no point just starting it and then having to redo it.

So, firstly decide on the subject, because that is most important... these are the subjects http://tuhs.ttsdschools.org/pages/Tualatin_High_School/Academics/Library_Media_Center/IB_Extended_Essay_Information/Extended_Essay_Subject_List

Then have a look at the extended essay guide, this is very important and have a look on here, there is some very important and useful tips!

And yes, I think this is quite a good research question because it will allow for loads of very good research to be done! But, I dont know anything about the actual topic so maybe it will need refining, like becoming more specific?

But plan ahead and start research! good luck

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