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November Pre-IB grade 9 tips

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Guest Dominic

Hi IB community,

I have just enrolled in the Pre-IB grade 9 program. My Exam is coming November 30th and I would just like to have some tips on what I should study. As of the posting of the discussion I have little information on what I should study. My Exam is on Math and language. Right now I am studying my grade 8 nelson math text book. I would appreciate any advise on specific areas to study in Math and language. Any advise is truly appreciated and would help.

Thank you.

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Congrats on deciding to participate in the Pre-IB programme; I completed PreIB and found it helpful for IB.

For Math, continue to look over your gr8 Nelson. I would suggest going through your gr9 book/ asking your teacher about the upcoming topics so you can get ahead. From what I remember though, gr9 mainly focuses on slope, so I would suggest learning this (also go to Khan Academy for help understanding everything).

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