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How did you prepare your grade 11 exams?

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Guest Unchenti

well, I was confused with mock exam and grade 11 exam,,,

so I will ask again...

I have my Grade 11 exam at June and don't know what to do.

please tell me what do I have to do to prepare for that exam,,

somebody told me that I have to do past papers for mock, but I am not sure that will be a good way to prepare G11 exam

because there will be questions that I haven't learned yet .

My subjects are

History HL








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I don't understand to be honest. Shouldn't you just be going over everything that you've done so far?

For history, go over all the topics, make sure you understand all that happened and that you will be able to make a good argument in essays for all topics.

Math, do past paper questions and again, make sure you go over everything you've done already.

English, do practice essays over and over again.

German, read a lot of German books or even the news, and practice writing and go over grammar if you need to.

I don't do Chemistry or Econ so I can't really help you with those.

But yes, do mock papers, they help a lot!!

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yup...under-cover is right!

Maybe you can go through the material you covered and read notes you made in class.

THEN test yourself using the past papers! Timing yourself would also be a great option!!

But after this make sure to check the markschemes (to see what the examiner's want) and examiner's comments on the results for different subjects - they often mention what students did best and need to work on, overall.

#experience :)

Does that help?

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