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Math IA - Latin square & esoteric mathematical theory

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Hello fellow IB students, I've yet again, hit a dead end.

For my math IA I thought I could use latin square and esoteric mathematical theory to show how to solve a sudoku puzzle, therefore investigating how to perform this. I haven't really found out a formula for the latin square, nor the explanation for it or how to apply it for sudoku, I just know it's mentioned as sudoku being a typical latin square.

So I wonder, are my idea for my IA any good? Am I allowed to do this?

And if someone would be kind enough to help me understand what the latin square is so I can apply it. I just know its a latin rectangle and that it's arranged in such a way that no orthogonal contains the same number twice.


Here's an explanation for the latin square.

But can someone solve how you can make out of the order 4 to be 576 latin squares using that formula, I'm confused I'm afraid.

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I'm trying to figure out the last part but i'm afraid i can't.. I'm sure if this is a good idea, but i definitely think that you shouldn't do your IA on a topic you know very little about

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