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Bio IA Guidance

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Hello everyone,

I am writing my first bio IA and was wondering if you could help me out. The topic is to investigate a factor that affects transport across a cell membrane. My research questions studies the relationship between the temperature of a salt water solution and the rate of osmosis in a potato. I am having trouble thinking of what the concentration of the salt water solution should be and what type of potato should be used as I need a rationale for both. Please give me some guidance.

Thank you.

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i don't really have an insight on this particular topic, but i suggest you can use sweet potato and normal potato.

You may cut small parts of each potato, and inserting it into different concentrations of NaCl over 1 day. Weigh each part before inserting in NaCl and then weigh it after and calculate the percentage difference.

You can also look online as this experiment is conducted frequently in most biology courses.

Good luck, hope this helps

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