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I'm taking IB ess YR 1 this year. Will it prepsare me for the AP environmental science exam.

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Hi there,

Even though I don't know much about APEE...in my opinion ESS will serve as a good introduction/ foundation for studying for the APEE. However, you will definitely HAVE to do extra studying to actually ace the APEE. Look around the net, i'm sure there are some useful websites to revise for it...you can also buy practise books online.

Basically my point is...ESS might teach you the basics, but you gotta put in extra effort (through self-studying), if you want to do well in the exams.

Did that help?

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They are unlikely to have an identical syllabus so you'll need to know slightly different things for both, I imagine. Get a copy of the list of things you need to know for this AP exam and then compare them. Assuming that they both have the same syllabus without actually checking would be a very bad idea.

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