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Bilingual IB Diploma

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Just a short introduction: I am: 10th grader, German, living in England, going to do the IB next year.

*Note: LangLit = abbreviation for 'Language and Literature'

Lit = abbreviation for 'Literature'

As I speak two languages (English and German) fluently and as my school offers German A LangLit SL (only SL) and all availible English courses (Lit, LangLit, B all in SL and HL), I am planning on getting the 'Bilingual IB Diploma'.

I know that there have recently been some changes regarding the definition of Group 1 courses, Bilingual IB Diploma, etc. So this all confused me a bit. But as far as I understood, I will be awarded the Bilingual IB Diploma if I take 'English A LangLit HL' and 'German A LangLit SL' [i know less challenging,etc. but as I dont plan on including German/ ENglish in my future studies, I thought the easy way out would be nice...].

On the official IBO webpage it says that a bilingual IB will be awarded if the student takes "a combination of any two group 1 courses in different languages" (http://www.ibo.org/diploma/development/) and somewhere else (http://www.ibo.org/diploma/curriculum/group1/) it says that "Group 1 consists of three courses: Langauge A: Literature, Language A: Language and Literature, and Literature and Performance".

I know that this all sounds a little stupid but I was a little confused so I thought I'd just ask again, as the other forum I found on IBSurvival was a little confusing too.

Every answer is appreciated. Thank you :)

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I did Polish A Lit, the rest of my subjects in English, including English B HL and I got a bilingual diploma.

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As said on the website you have to do two language As. So, if you are doing German A and English A (doesn't matter what type: Lang&lit, lit or lit&performance) you should be fine and get your bilingual diploma (of course if you pass both courses).

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