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Hey Guys,

Honestly, this frustrates me a lot. As at present, I've begun to think about my extended essay in my freshman year, and I just focused on chemistry becuase I'll probably go for medicine or chem in uni and that I know I've got great passion on it.

So, I talked with my teacher a couple of times, and today we just found out there was a lovely apparatus in the lab to measure what I want, which is just great, but then we together came up with the conclusion that it is more of math then chem, and the teacher said that it would make my math EE even more outstanding with experimental data from science if I do so. It would be way risky and challenging when I take it as a chem EE than a math one.

I could sense that it actually is an excellent topic for maths though, the apparatus's really easy to operate, otherwise if I choose chem, I have to design my own lab rather than just using it, and it surely can make my life easier and gain a good mark I believe, I'm fine with it and it's not a big deal for me to change it into math because I'm a math guy. The problem is that so far I just see no point in doing so. I don't actually want to spend all my time on math, though I get better marks on that than chem and any other subjects, I don't have that much passion, and definitly I won't go for it in uni. Therefore, I don't think it'll get me prepared for my future.

But in the meantime, I've also heard that it's so difficult to gain a good grade in experimental science. Apparently the process is important, but I know that the result of it also counts a lot. What am I going to do with it?

Are there any advice ?

Thanks a lot!

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Just because you're want to study chem at university, it doesn't mean that you should disregard all other subjects and especially those you're evidently good at.

I suggest you do a Math EE rather than a Chem one if your topic really is as outstanding as you claim it to be. It would be much easier to finish the EE off as well as getting a good grade on it. Furthermore, once you've finished it, you can go on concentrating on whatever you want - i.e. chemistry.

Just my thoughts though. Good luck!

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