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DT EE topic?

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So... I'm not really sure on what to do for my DT EE, so i was thinking something along the lines of "The influences fashion designers have on the 21st century though the usage of Materials, Product design and Product Development" But is this a good Research Question?? and how can i develop it?

im not really sure about this one...

Please help me!!


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I don't personally take that subject (but it sounds cool, fashion design awesome!) but I've found that a lot of Extended Essay questions follow a similar structure.

I recommend phrasing it more in the form of a question. In order to write a really good, beefy essay you need to be able to argue points against one another, so maybe alter it to a form that allows you to do this. The simplest form of that would be 'To what extent was [X fashion designer] more influential than [Y fashion designer] in the 21st century?'

That way you've opened yourself up for a lot of analysis and you can go really really in depth. The IB prefers 4,000 words of quality, in-depth analysis of one aspect rather than 4,000 of analysis on a lot of different aspects.

Hope that helped, good luck! :)

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