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Please help me D: (essay on Holocaust)

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OK, so a brief introduction. I'm in grade 10 and in our history class, we received an essay assignment, and the topic question I chose was: "After examining the lessons learned in the Holocaust how could future Holocausts be prevented?" We had to make an essay outline starting with the thesis, followed by three main arguments and three supporting points for each main argument. This was due on Wednesday, and the teacher checked them and handed them back, but I did not do well... :(

So my thesis was: Future Holocausts can be prevented after learning lessons from the Holocaust of WWII

(My teacher wants me to reword this somehow D:)

My first two arguments were bad, but the last one was okay.. The teacher told me to focus more on how the Holocaust was prevented rather than the lessons, so he gave me suggestions to talk more about the UN and how they tried to prevent it, education, and media.

Please, help me with my essay, I did horrible on my previous ones, and for this one I really need help. I'm also not a big fan of English but I guess I need to deal with it. If you can give some advice and any tips, I would be grateful! Thank you! :D

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This actually sounds really difficult..do you have to choose this particular topic? Because I think a question along the lines of "What impact did the Holocaust have on Europe in the years following WW2?"

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The teacher gave you some starting points, so go with those.

1. The UN: what did the UN do after the holocaust to try to prevent additional ones? Did they pass legislation to protect people, or elect some body to prevent future ones? Did they outlaw certain weapons or things?

2. Education: how was the holocaust taught in schools? Were children taught about the causes, why it happened, what happened during it, and why it's necessary to prevent them? Did this differ from place to place? What seemed to be the effect of that teaching?

3. Media: how was the holocaust portrayed in the media (television, newspaper, films, etc). Did the media portray the holocaust accurately in order to shock people into the horrors of it, or did they do something else? What language was used to do this? What images were used? Were survivor accounts used? Is there any instances of biased media productions about the holocaust? If any media source from any country tried to downplay the effect or deny its existence, how did it do this? Why would they do this? And what effect did it have? Was it successful or not, and why?

Focusing on these things gives you specific, concrete things to go off of to prevent future holocausts instead of just simply stating "killing people is bad you shouldn't do that again lol" for however many pages your essay needed to be. Research a bit into these questions, and see what you find. Good luck :)

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