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Lab Report
Question about IA - Units

Hi all! Recently we had to conduct our 3rd IA (they really are starting to be a drag :( ) in SL physics. It was "investigate properties of electrostatics"

For mine, I rubbed a plastic strip with woolen cloth at different rates and examined how many small pieces of paper the strip was able to lift. In doing this, I realized both of my units, rubs per minute for my independent and simply number for my dependent, are not SI units.

Are these units acceptable to IB? My gradient units will be weird: #(rm-1) -1unless I am mistaken (rubs per minute = rm-1) . Is it OK to define these units in this manner? (where number = # and rubs per minute = rm-1)

I suppose if not, I can do moles of paper vs. the rate in ms-1 covered by the woolen cloth, but I obviously prefer not to do that.

Thanks for any help!!

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