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Help please Redox ia ^^

I have a chem ia due on Friday. I'm technically done, but I can't help but think that I'm missing something something in my conclusion :/ I know that for the CE, we have to add any chemical explanation to the experiment - pretty much explain in through chemistry. I don't know what to write about for this!
The reaction was a redox titration between Fe and MnO4- . Simple. I got the calculations, uncertainties, weakness/improvements, well, everything else done. My conclusion is written up, but what can I mention in my conclusion that has to do with redox?

So far, I have:

In response to the original investigation title, Determination of the Percentage of Iron in Iron Tablets, my experimental results have shown that there are 14.616mg of iron in iron tablets that claim to contain 14mg of iron. This amount of iron is above the iron RDA of a male, but under the iron RDA of a female. If we were to average the RDA’s of men and women, obtaining the value of 13mg[1], the iron supplements would give just a little bit extra iron than needed.

Redox reactions happen when both reduction and oxidation occur in a reaction. Reduction is when something gains electrons, and oxidation is when something looses electrons. This usually results in ions. The main reaction is divided into two half-equations to show the reduction step and the oxidation step. For this reaction, the half-equations are;

Oxidation – looses electrons
Reduction – gains electrons

The overall reaction is

is the oxidizing agent, because it enables the Fe to oxidize, and accepts its electron. Therefore, Fe is the reducing agent, because it allows to be reduced, giving its electrons. Fe was the reducing agent, because it is more reactive than Mn – it displaced the Mn ion from it compound.

[1] 18+8=26 26/2= 13

What else in redox chemistry would be relevant?
Thanks sososososososo much!!!! Any little hint helps!

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I don't think this belongs in the conclusion, to be honest. A point of a chemistry IA isn't to show you know the theory, rather you know how to properly collect, process and present data. The conclusion is generally to state your findings, compare it with the actual result and comment on the data.

For this kind of experiment, I think it may be better to use the 14mg on the label as a literature value and see how the obtained value differed(you could of course, mention it may not be exactly 14mg either). You can then compare this with your uncertainty value to see if systematic or random errors were present, etc. From there, you would move to your evaluation and talk about weaknesses/improvements and how the minimize those errors.

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The guys above me is correct. You should also focus on evaluation together with improvements if it is a design lab.

Discuss what you have figured out during the experiment. Include percentage uncertainty. Theoretical value compared to the value obtained etc...

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