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The Book of Mormon

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Hello! (My name is Elder Price. And I would like to share with you the most amazing book * :julie: *)

So I just saw the musical The Book of Mormon in the West End and I have to say that when I got out of it... They messed with my mind.

I mean I find it great that they point out issues such as in the song Salt Laka Siti and are still hilarious but I feel that some songs were a bit long and some parts too exaggerated. (for eg in the song Hasa Diga Iboai, in the end the song gets old even if it's a few seconds).

I'm gonna write about it in the topic of satire. If you've seen/read/studied the show could you give me your feeling about it? What struck you the most (costume, script, acting, set...)? Who is your favourite character? (please precise where you saw it) and if you studied satire, do you think it's a good way of changing things?

If you haven't seen it. You must Google it. Now. And book some tickets.

(Also I didn't get the joke with starbucks in the Spooky Mormon Hell Dream.. Can anyone explain?

Hey Guys would you like to change religion? I got a free book written by JESUS!

Guys... I'm Jesus...

I am Africa.. I am Africa!--We are Africa. We are Africa!

You'll burn in HelllHellloooo!

I bet there the warlords are friendly, they help you to cross the road...

Wow so the bible is actually a trilogy? and the book of Mormon is return of the Jedi? I'm interested!

Jesus just called me a d***.

"All American Prophet"

Sorry I got carried away. Thanks for sharing!

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Saw The Book of Mormon earlier in the summer post-exams. Have to say that I died laughing. :rofl:

My favourite character was definitely Arnold, I did not see him emerging as the hero in the end, but that was a nice touch. I did feel the butt rape and ass**** jokes got a little stale, but the show was very tight in general imho so I didn't mind it much.

As for Starbucks, Mormons can't have caffeine because of the "Word of Wisdom" http://mormon.org/faq/law-of-health

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