3 places u want to visit after IB?

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Korea -currently into the Hallyu wave, love the food, the language, been there as a kid but everything else that I love about the country is gaining solely from youtube or dramas

California (U.S) - raised there and have many friends there. FOOD. SUN. BEACHES

Japan- sakura leaves, picturesque landscape, food, cat island, fox haven, lots of places, vending machines, i grew up watching japanese animations (spirited away anyone??) 

I live in Norway so I've already done some Europe tours, and I also visited Malaysia alot as a kid. So basically I know the difference. Haha. im sorry but i love asia and the food there. 


hmm.. but i love Denmark.. i just love the urban life and the atmosphere. i travel a lot because of my parents during the holidays so i definitely will get a chance to do what i want in the future although it might not be in the near future


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1.Spain- gotta go here to complete my Spanish major in college

2.Italy- Rome

3.Russia- Moscow

Suppose I'll try a road-trip to the other states in the USA too!

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