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Les Murray analysis help needed

Hi All!

I am studying Les Murray as one of my four poets for the literary conventions paper (paper 2). I was wondering if anyone could help me with analysing the following poems by Les Murray; "The Tin Wash Dish" and "Cave Divers near Mount Gambier".

From reading The Tin Wash Dish, I think that this poem is about the way in which society treats those affected by poverty and is essentially the personification of poverty. However, I need some help analysing the language and structure in more depth.

As for the second poem, Cave Divers near amount Gambier, I interpret it to be about abundance of wildlife and traditions. Also, is there any significance of the two line stanza-length structure?

Thank you in advance! Any help would be appreciated.

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I haven't read this, and I can't find any analysis of it online, but here is a a small step by step guide to making a good analysis:

1.Read the poem once silently to yourself.

2.Read the poem again and find the literal meaning of the poem.

3.Read the poem again to find the connotative meaning of the poem.

4.Find the symbolic meaning of the poem.

5.Stop and ask yourself, “What is the author trying to say?

6.Begin to analyze the different parts of the poem.

7.Identify the speaker and audience.

8.Determine the poem’s structure and organization.

9.Determine the rhyme scheme of the poem.

10.Analyze the poem in terms of poetic devices.

11.Draw your conclusions.

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