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Geography IA Migration


My geography group is doing an IA on the topic of migration. We examine the structure of the airport. And I don't have any idea, how to formulate a research question? I do not know what it should contain and I have no idea how to incorporate the theme of migration there... :question:

I read guide, my textbook and it's still some kind of "dark magic"

Please help me

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Hi. Firstly, can I just say that thinking of a research question is one of the hardest to do. It is important that you actually seek advice from your geography teacher as well. Seen as you haven't gone into more detail about examining the structure of the airport, maybe you could try focusing on the social/cultural aspects of migration?

Try incorporating one or two models into your IA (Rostow's, Lee's), as it is difficult to do migration for an IA as fieldwork is a very important component.

Find some aspect of migration that you are really interested in: could it be the push/pull factors, or the flows of people, the impacts, etc.

Find a specific section that you are interested in based on what you did in your fieldwork, what makes it interesting for you? how can you investigate this particular aspect?

Hope this helps.

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