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Is this question narrow and specific enough?


How does the varying sound frequency and distance affect the calculated position at a certain time?


I'm doing a Physics EE and it's summer in Canada and my moderator told me at the end of the school year that he would only be able to respond once or twice during the summer. Mainly to comment on my draft. I have started the draft and building my testing unit, which I would have to build a motor and an Arduino Frequency detector as I do not have access to an oscilloscope (extra question: Would I have to go into detail on how I build the testing and measuring equipment?).


My area of research is sound frequency and determining position. I will measure a moving object that emits sound at various frequency. The dependent variable is the position in time which I will have to find through the frequency graph. I need some help on the wording of the question. My mod and I know the field of research but we didn't really get down to the wording part. 


Thanks in advance!

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