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Chance me? :)

Alright so I have lost my password and have no idea what email I used for college confidential's website. I know this is better referred to there but I'm really wanting someones opinion on if my university dreams are valid. 

Thanks in advance!


I am currently going to high school in Canada, so I would be applying as an international student. Right now I am in grade 11.

Could you chance me on Stanford, UC Berkely, Cornell, UChicago, Oregon State and Michagan?

My IB predicted scores are:
Chem HL 7
English Lit HL 7
Biology HL 7

French A Lit SL 7
Math SL 7
History SL 6

I also took AP Physics B and scored 5

ACT 34
SAT II Math 2 760, Writing 789, Chem 800

In term of EC:
Track and Field- outside and inside school 6yrs. 4x Canadian youth national champion, 2x Canadian junior national champion. Combined total of 6g, 5s, 5b. 10x provincial champ.

Cross country inside & outside school.
3x provincial champ, 1x national champ.

^ I am not sure if these sports will be beneficial, I have scholarships but only for Canadian Unis. I want to major in a chemical field, general chemistry for undergrad till I figure out what I want.
Is there any way to get a scholarship to somewhere like Stanford with my running?

Youth Volunteer Corps 150+ hours
Biology club president
Math club
Science fair, went this year to national competition level
Junior achievement company program provincial team winner
Debate club, provincial finalist 2yrs
Self taught piano royal conservatory level 6- passed exam with honours.

Also will not be needing financial aid 1.gif


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Your grades and extracurriculars are great and you have a shot at getting into those schools. Just make sure your letters of recommendation are good (I don't know why they wouldn't be) and write some outstanding essays, and you will likely get in to at least one of those places.

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You defenitely have a Chance to be accepted, because not only you have outstanding academics, but your extracurriculars are also a big Advantage. So as Long as you do well in your last year of IB (especially on your final exams ;) ) and, as Emmi said before, write a captivating personal Statement the Odds are that you'll be accepted into one of your Chosen universities :)

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I would agree that your extra-curricular activities and academics look pretty solid, and make sure you try and get some fantastic recommendations along with writing some brilliant essays. Whilst I know astoundingly little about sport, it seems that you are pretty awesome at it. Based on that, I reckon quite a few of the universities you've listed would be willing to consider you for a sporting scholarship. That includes Stanford - I know someone who is going there on a sports scholarship based on athletics-related stuff, and I gather Stanford (though I'm not sure about your other universities) do give quite a few sporting scholarships (300 according to their website).


As to how to apply for sporting scholarships, I honestly have no idea how. All the online stuff I can find seems to be pretty opaque in terms of outlining how to actually apply for the scholarship, so I suspect it is more of a recruitment thing where the coaches make direct contact with you (or you have to make direct contact with them). Try asking around in terms of your careers counsellor/other athletic friends, and you might be able to get more detail on that. 

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Stanford: Extremely High Reach

UC Berkely: Low Reach

Cornell: Reach

UChicago: Reach

Oregon State: Match

Michagan: Match


If you can get recruited, then (well, obviously), all those school are pretty much auto-admits.

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