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Trouble with EE

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My research question for the Extended Essay is ''The role of imagination in children's play''. The problem is that my psychology teacher has only attended 4-5 classes since Christmas time. I have not gotten any guiding meeting, no feed back (not on intro nor for my 1st draft). When talking to the IB coordinator and school, I've been promised things and forgotten. The deadline is in August. HELP! If you have close contact with your psychology teacher (or someone who can help me reach one), please HELP! I'm loosing my mind. I have two IA's hanging as well. 

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You are the victim of teacher neglect (s/he may have a good reason but that is besides the point). I am happy to help. You should do a different topic, imagination is going to be very difficult to measure in any empirical sense so finding studies to explore this question will be problematic.


If you are interested in child's play I would recommend looking up the role of culture, imitation and overimitation on children's behavior (there is evidence from chimps as well which support the idea of imitation. Check first post of my blog (the Tomasello study for more information).


You can also look up the importance of play in childhood development.


If you do have sources already from peer reviewed journals I will take a look at them to see if there is anything to this imagination angle you are after but my intuition says this is a suboptimal topic.

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