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I need help with my research question

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I'm new to this forum and so I don't know how this works, I have started writing my extended essay and have a research question however I believe that its way to broad. My teacher keeps on telling me its fine, but there's just too much I would have to write about and secondly I don't know what I would use for my primary research... I could really use someone to talk to who knows what they are talking about. I was also wondering if I can post my research question and making sure that no one would steal the idea, I would hate to fail IB because someone wrote the same EE as me...

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Primary research in economics EEs should focus on data collection (e.g.: headcounts, prices, numbers of firms, interviews). It all depends on your topic. Here is a very useful website in regards to econ EEs: http://bigtuniteconomics.blogspot.com/p/economics-extended-essay.html 

Besides, I don't think you have to worry about anyone stealing your RQ here  :P  :P  However, I once read that there might be problems with the IBO's plagiarism checker, as they might spot the title (not sure though  :D).

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