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Business EE - Quick RQ Help

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I am wanting to write my Business and Management EE on the joint venture between Montblanc and Titan, which is being launched in early 2015. This involves a transition from Montblanc's current distributor in India and thus, I want to focus on the joint venture's effect on Montblanc. My RQ right now is:

How effective will the joint venture between Montblqnc International and Titan Company be in allowing for Montblanc's successful continuation in the Indian luxury goods market?

At the moment, it seems a bit ambiguous and strange. I cannot for the life of me figure out a way to improve it. my plan if I were to stick with the RQ, would be to do a Porter's 5 forces analysis and a combined PEST and force field analysis. Does that sound like a good idea? Open to any and all suggestions :)

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