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Guest Daniel Augusto

Hi again,


I've just received my results summary from my school coordinator and I'm just trying to make complete sense of it. What is the difference between the Raw Mark, the Moderated Mark and the Scaled Mark and how do they work/how are they determined?



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Raw mark = literally the marks on the paper. If the IA paper was out of 20 your raw mark will be 18 out of 20 (for instance). The moderated mark is when your IAs went through the moderators so if your teacher's marking was felt to be unduly lenient, your mark may have been moderated from an 18 down to a 17. Then finally the scaled mark takes into account the fact that different components are weighted differently for each subject. The IA may be worth 30% of the mark, Paper 1 worth 40% and Paper 2 worth 30%. So they 'scale' your 17 out of 20 so that it represents 30% of 100. THEN they can figure out your overall subject mark.


I hope that explains it.

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