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Ib diploma

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Hi there,

Can any one help. My question is how big a disadvantage is not getting IB diploma ?I have got the necessary points to complete IB but haven't got the diploma as got 2 in higher chemistry . Completed evevrything else, TOK, EE and CAS.Trying to decide whether I need to re- take it next year to complete it ,bearing in mind I am doing a course where I don't need chemistry at all.starting uni in September. That would mean trying to do IB chemistry along with everything else going on . Its going to be difficult. Just wondering if any one can tell me from their experience the disadvantages of not completing IB . Has any one experiences major set back with career opportunities, course, jobs etc because of this .

Many thanks

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The way qualifications work is that once you've got the next qualification, your previous ones are sort-of irrelevant. So once you've got your IB results, your GCSEs don't really matter, and once you've got a University degree, nobody really cares about your IB results. If you've managed to find a Uni that will accept you without a diploma, then you're sort-of okay. Obviously it might help to have a diploma, but the main reason you need it is to gain access to higher education. Which you've already done, so...

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