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Oxford or Pearson?

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Hello people,

I'm looking for good textbooks for Chemistry and Biology and I do not know which publisher makes the best textbooks for the IB curriculum in terms of understanding, relevance to the syllabus, and presentation. 
Both Oxford and Pearson are publishing new editions of their textbooks for the new 2014 syllabus. Oxford is making a '2014 edition' and Pearson's is a 'Pearson Baccalaureate 2nd Edition', so it is most likely that a lot of people have not seen the new publications yet and they are not yet in use. However, let's judge based on their post-2009 / 2011 books.
If any of you guys have or previously owned any of these books, what do you think of them? and if you have completed the IB, has it helped you achieve well in the course, and get a score of like, say, 7?

Thank you in advance. :D

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Pearson books for Biology and Chemistry are top notch, though the Oxford Biology book is extremely popular as well. I would recommend Pearson just because I feel like the books are a little more seamless and detailed.  

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