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Science EE with no correlation...

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I'm doing an EE in Biology and I finished it before summer break, but now looking at the results there is no correlation...


My topic is how the volume of sound in the environment can affect reaction time, and past experiments I found online have shown to have found correlations – which means it is there and there is the science to back up a correlation. It's just that I can't show this correlation... 


What should I do now? Since correlations are expected, do I go ahead with the conclusion writing no correlation, or justify the lack of correlation as a result of external variables not being controlled well enough?


This is so stressful...

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Well since the literature shows there's a correlation but your data doesn't, it's best to just say that your data shows no correlation and explain why you got those results. Analyze your results as much as you can, referencing those studies that show correlations and using them to explain what may have happened in your experiment that caused that. Remember that with science EEs they don't really care WHAT the outcome is; rather, they care about the fact that you came up with an experiment, gathered data, and used that data to come to some sort of a conclusion based on what you had found. If you have a set of data that says one thing but you go on and say another, you're not going to do well!


If you still have a lot of time you can always re-do the experiment as well.

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