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Help with deciding between to Business EEs

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Hi, I have chosen my subject (Business) and I came up with a question about my father's company. 


RQ: Would it be a profitable investment to include constructing X houses, besides importing and selling Y (materials for house construction) in the activities of company Z?


However, last year in computer science we carried out a whole project in researching about starting up a new business. I did the research for a vet business and I have a great variety data, including all types of costs, predicting sales, SWOT analysis, etc.. So I thought if I could use it for my EE and answer a question like:


Would it be profitably better to start up a veterinary business in the neighbourhood of X or neighbourhood of Y?


In the first one I have problems thinking about how to get some data since the market is a not so well known one and I fear facing this problem later on. However my father works in the industry and can give pretty much information.

The second one I think it will be easier to think, predict and develop data.


What do you think about them? Which one do you prefer and which one do you think is more adjustable to 4000 words?


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