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photography portfolio for a cas project? maybe?

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ok so I wanted to try a CAS activity (because I am extremely lacking in CAS and am awful at it)


I wanted to make a photography portfolio of IB students from around the world doing things not-IB related, or rather, having fun/doing things to escape school life and take a break from it all. I wasn't sure if this was a great focus for the portfolio or if I should do a more academic and IB related one? Either way, this would be a great way to learn the cultural and global aspects of CAS that I can never find where I'm at.

Anyway, then once I started compiling the photos, I was going to make the portfolio on a blog (probably on tumblr) instead of having a hard copy portfolio. Then that could be my evidence for CAS and other IB-ers could see it in the future and it'd be awesome and wonderful and perfect


If anyone is interested in this topic or has other ideas that'd be amazing :)

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