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Medicine in Germany, Help me !

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Hey, everyone! :bye:

I have done some research about medicine studies in Germany and I feel really confused, because I read that German‘s University don‘t appreciate us so well as I accepted. :lonely:

Now I’m going to take the last year of my IBDP. My 11th grade marks:

Biology HL (6)

Chemistry HL (6)

English B HL (5)

Lithuanian language SL (5)

Math SL (6)

Geography SL (5)


I have never learned German language, but I’m going to start study it from today and going to take German language courses in Germany after my IB exams.  Can anyone tell, do I have chance to entry medicine studies in Germany? I heard that I can pass one year learning their language in the medicine university till I achieve their required language level. Is it true?  I also have plans to send my application into the Netherlands and Lithuania, but I don’t want to study in UK or even US.

Moreover, I have already directly sent a few letters for the authority of German Universities about IB student’s recognition, but they can’t say nothing more, despite that I must take some language tests. :dontgetit:

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I'm here in Germany , and I've done the IB ... They don't know much about the IB , and I think they dislike it ... If anyone have information please tell me as well lol

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