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HOlographic Film Projector System

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So I posted this as a reply on an earlier topic and have gotten no reply, maybe because it's an old string?


Hello again, I know it's been a while. I was hoping to do a theoretical ee which i hear is very challenging. I'm struggling with the hologram at the moment, either I can create a glass/reflective hologram like Holho triangular pyramid of glass with a software that converts regular videos into ones specially designed by four dimensions to form a holographic reflection in the pyramid of glass. Problem with that is that I lack an experimental aspect. Should I continue to do more research and attempt a transmission hologram with beam splitters, etc. because I don't think I would have time or even knowledge for that. Since my RQ is mostly based on what one can do with a holographic projection display system, I was hoping to be able to do the first hologram, find an experimental aspect and then extrapolate that using the idea of the second hologram to create an essay about the possible uses. Is this possible, how so? Would polarizers and analyzers and LCDs fit here as well? I think they will with the second hologram and it's beneficial because it ties it to the syllabus.

I was also considering changing my topic to the Monte Carlo method/simulation. It sort of analyzes the what if scenarios and I was thinking of maybe creating one with C++. I'm not that great at C++ but I think I might be able to create a basic decent enough project with it. How could I tie that in with Physics and I doubt it's in the syllabus. Is there any way of maybe using that, changing it to be more experimental, and then analyzing what if scenarios involving physics topics like perhaps string theory or circuits or anything in the syllabus?

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