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History EE on Contra War in Nicaragua

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To be even more specific, my current research question is: "To what extent was the Sandinista regime responsible for the beginning of the Contra War?"


Originally I was going to talk about the Regan administration's wrongdoings by funding the Contras, but everything I could find focused on why it broke American law and I was not interested in writing my EE on he said/she said partisan arguments.


My school keeps talking about how you need to have two points of view and three terms of measurement for history extended essays, even though I haven't read anything about that on EE for dummies post or the IB EE guide. My two points of view are obviously those sympathetic to the Contras (the right wing rebels) and the Sandinista government (the left wing). The terms of measurement are: how repression and censorship made people angry enough with the government to rebel, how the Sandinistas' asking for aide from the USSR spurred American intervention, and how confiscating land from the middle class lead to dissent.


Does this seem like it would work?

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It sounds fine to me. Just make sure you always link back your evidence/arguments back to your research question, and evaluate your main sources. Otherwise you look good to go!

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