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french sl or hl?

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i am supposed to take a language and fortunately french is a strong point of mine...

i just want to know what difference there is between french sl and hl??

and what exactly is the content of each??

any help would be appreciated :D


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Hi :)!


The main difference between French SL and HL is of difficulty I guess. French SL covers core topics and optional areas, and HL covers the same core and options. However, HL has an added literature component, in which 2 works of literature are studied. In the IB exams, the paper 1 for HL will include harder vocabulary, and paper 2 has an added section, plus includes more text types. As for the Internal Assessments, the orals at HL are much harder, even though you could practically be given the same stimulus. It's just that the criteria for orals at HL are harder. Also, for the written task, SL writes it based on 3 unseen texts, whereas HL writes it based on one of the works of literature.


In terms of content, you will explore texts in these areas:


Core: Communications et Media, Thèmes mondiaux, relations sociales

Options (choisis 2 de 5): diversite culturel, coutumes et traditions, la sante, les loisirs, science et technologie


It's quite a fun class :D We watch movies too (we watches Les Choristes and La Nouvelle Blanche-Neige).

You need to have a good previous base in French though, or build it up ASAP. Because the course is more about using and exploring the language in different situations than actually learning structure and grammar.

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My school's guideline is if you took core French (from 4th grade to 10th grade) then you should do French SL and if you took French Immersion from 7th grade on then do French HL. Realistically unless you've been in immersion or have been speaking at an advanced level for some time, you should probably go for SL French.

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