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For my English HL class I need to do an FOA on part 1 which is "Language in Cultural Context," I was wondering if I could analyze multiple texts from the same culture, and see how the culture influences them or if it would be better to take texts from multiple different english speaking cultures and see how different cultures perhaps affect the same topic.


Also, any and all advice would be appreciated on anything about FOAs 

Thank you!

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Hi Frances 103,



Be wary of the term "culture" as the word and concept is amorphous.  It is not practical to ~apply culture~ to a text, either. Not sure how you would even do that.


It is probably more useful not to think of culture as "national culture" i.e. Canadian, Mexican etc, as this will result in stereotypes and sweeping generalizations. Think more in terms of how groups of people make meaning in similar ways. Shared patterns of communication. So,  feminists (yes, I know, a large category but far more easily identified than *national culture*), punk,  the Mexican landed-class at the turn of the century (who shared similar interests and values), working class in the late 19th century at the time Dickens was writing, etc -- these are just some examples of what I mean.


What the FOA asks you to do is to examine one or more texts in light of *How* and *What* it communicates. How the text convey ideas and feelings? Which ideas? by Whom and for Whom? The How and What will inevitably involve discussion of audience, purpose, context etc, which, for all practical purposes, constitute culture. 


Start by choosing a text or topic that interests you and which you have covered in class. *Context and Culture* is merely an umbrella term with no real use. Your teacher, however, will have identified on certain areas of study during the course.  You should recall these.


The text itself can take the form of words or image. It can be the lyrics of a song, an advertisement,a photo or illustration, a passage from a memoir, a poem ...whatever. You have much choice in this, which makes it fun.


Maybe this helps?

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